1. Enjoy yourself. 
  2. Trolling, being mean, displaying bad behaviour, editing pages, insulting admins, talking about sex or porn, swearing, April Fool's jokes that include any of the behind, being so insulting that users begin to consider leaving StormClan will either get you banned or give you a warning. 
  3. Editing the RP pages will give you a warning. Roleplays are to be done in the COMMENTS and on the same thread. 
  4. You may NOT start roleplaying cats until one of the admins approve them. Do NOT roleplay with other people's cats, unless you have their permission.
  5. If you want to start a love triangle, or have mates and kits, Make sure that the other cat is either yours or someone who's willing to participate. 
  6. If you start something major, such as wars and stuff like that, you MUST have all of the admins' permission to do so. 
  7. FAQs are in the section below. You may add a question of your own, but ONLY AN ADMIN IS ALLOWED TO REPLY.
  8. If you have anything against the rules, please notify an admin.
  9. PLEASE use correct grammar when roleplaying. 
  10. DO NOT go 'Oh, it's not in the rules, so I can do that'. If I've omitted something from the rules, it's either an oversight or something I don't deem important. If you see I've missed something important, message an admin and we'll see.
  12. Each different page has its own rules. FOLLOW THEM.