Louchel (RPED by Jetfeather)

Rank: Rogue/StormClan diplomat
Appearance: He is a tall, thin tom with black fur and violet eyes with a reddish tinge.
Personality: He is highly intellegent, calm and sophisticated, though can be sociable, likable and easy-going at first glance. He's also stoic and always enjoys a challenge, though when fighting he is very cold and tactical, and willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve a goal, and is quite selfish and yandere. Despite all this, he is compassionate and loyal to his loved ones. He has sadastic personality disorder.
History: He lived most of his life at StormClan, but was sent to EmberClan by Rainstar to improve the Clan relationships.
Family: Unknown
Extras: He can control fire and water, as well has being able to control any cat he's had eye contact with, though Rainstar has banned him from using this ability on any Clan cat.