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Name: Sunstar

Rank: Leader

Gender: tom

Appearance: fiery ginger tom with blazing yellow eyes

Personality: brave, strong, funny, but has a fiery temper and is persistant

Family: None

History: Born into EmberClan

Extras: none

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Tall, thin black tom with violet eyes.

He is highly intellegent, calm and sophisticated, though can be sociable, likable and easy-going at first glance. He's also stoic and always enjoys a challenge, though when fighting he is very cold and tactical, and willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve a goal, and is quite selfish and yandere. Despite all this, he is compassionate and loyal to his loved ones. He has sadastic personality disorder. 

He lived most of his life at StormClan, but was sent to EmberClan by Rainstar to improve the Clan relationships.

He can control fire and water, as well has being able to control any cat he's had eye contact with, though Rainstar has banned him from using this ability on any Clan cat.


Medicine Cat


very fluffy, brown cat with white neck-fur

Friendly, likeable, intelligent, patient, and has a very good memory. 

She came to the Clan as a loner, and became the medicien cat apprentice after showing her ability to heal cats.

She can control illnesses and diseases, and has a secret crush that she knows will never amount to any good if she pursues it.

Russia will always be there... ∞KOLKOLKOL

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Ripplesong is a short-haired, soft, fluffy silver-blue she-cat with clear icy blue eyes, a pale muzzle, and white petal-like markings around her eyes.


Stubborn, clever, cunning, and proud; like her mother. Ripplesong enjoys making mischief and sometimes gets snappy. Ripplesong is good-natured and friendly, although she is also feisty. Ripplesong speaks wisely at times, although at other times, she insults cats and speaks rudely, like calling them Mouse-dung, Fox-face, Fish-breath, etc. She is great at hearing. She sometimes get disgusted by all the love.

Asdf. No history, clan born.

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Name: Cloverpaw

Rank: Med cat apprentice

Appearance: pretty brown tabby she-cat with white paws and crystal blue eyes

Personality: kind, caring, focused, and hard-working

Family: Sister, Sorrelpaw

History: Clan-born

Extras: she has a very good sense of smell


Name: Sorrelpaw

Rank: apprentice

Appearance: black-and-white she-cat with bright blue eyes

Personality: Bouncy and happy

Family: Sister, Cloverpaw

History: Clan-born

Extras: none

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Name: Firepaw

Rank: Apprentice

Gender: She cat

Appearance: fiery ginger tabby she cat

Personality: Sarcastic, cold and mean, only cares for her pelt

Family: None

History: Born into EmberClan

Extras: none

Name: Romano

Rank: Loner

Gender: tom

Appearance: dusky brown tom

Personality: Very...outspoken with his feelings

Family: None

History: Born into EmberClan then left.

Extras: none

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Name: Blitzpaw

Rank: Apprentice

Appreance: Golden she-cat with ginger flecks and gold eyes.

PErsonaility: Very quiet and shy.

Family: None

History: TBA


Name: Sparkflame

Rank: Warrior

Appreance: Bright ginger tom with lighting shaped white stripes down his back and tail and a paler underbelly and uzzle, and has black stripes and lime green eyes.

Personaility: Ambitious, calm, very clever. He is very daring and often makes mistakes.

Family: None

History: Clan-born. Had a sister who was murdered.


Name: Rubyblaze

Rank: Queen

Appreance: Dark red she-cat with orange flecks under her eyes, a white chest and dark golden ears, and gorgeous blue-green eyes.

Personaility: Stubborn but very kind and caring.

Family: Son: Cometkit Daughter: Jewlkit

History: Clan-born. Had two litters of kits, though only two kits urvived in the second litter.


Jewlkit: Silver tabby she-cat with dark blue stripes and gorgeous blue green eyes.

Rank: Kit

Personaility: Like her mother, she is stubborn and not afraid to challenge cats.

History: Clanborn

Family: Mother: Rubyblaze Brother: Cometkit


Name: Cometkit

Rank: Kit

Appreance: Pale ginger tom with a white chest and paws and deep golden ears. He also has deep brown eyes.

Personaility: Is very playfull and daring. He has a firey temper and will attack any cat, even older cats, if they bother him.

History: Clan-born

Family: Mother: Rubyblaze Sister: Jewlkit

Sorry it's a lot! -Silver

Name: Blackpaw

Rank: Apprintice

Gender: She-cat

Appearance: A jet black she-cat with blue eyes

Personality: Kind and sweet but feirce when needed to be

Family: Willowtail- Mother, Littlepaw- Brother.

History: Born into EmberClan

Extras: none

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Rank: Warrior

Gender: She

Appearance~ Silky and sleek grey/white siamese.

Personality: Flirty(at times), cool, go-with-the-flow cat. 

Family: Unknown

History: First taken into EmberClan as a prisoner, before helping out and offically changing her name and rank-Grey to Greyfur.

Extras: She can tantilize you


, attract you towards her if she wishes. Greyfur also, can control water. 

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